Saturday, November 15, 2008

This weekend

On Friday, I worked in Santa Fe. Eric and I drove up early in the morning. He dropped me off and went exploring for the day. That night we ate at the Shed in Santa Fe. Then we walked around the Plaza. It is getting pretty cold up there! I found a fur coat in one of the shops for $4000!

We stayed overnight and went to breakfast at the Broadway Cafe. Santa Fe always has interesting characters. We had some women sitting next to us with really outrageous hair cuts.
Lauren and Trish met us after breakfast at the Outlet mall. I stayed and shopped with them and Eric drove home. I got a lot of good deals! Then we went to Ten Thousand Waves and got massages. I didn't realize but New Mexicans get 25% off on Wednesday. We will have to go back again on a Wed! All of us really enjoyed our massages.

Last weekend

Last weekend I went to lunch with some friends. One of them has a baby that is adorable! She is even more cute in real life!

Eric and I went to Il Vicino on Central and this guy had his HUGE telescope out on the sidewalk. He was letting pedestrians look at Jupiter and the Moon. Jupiter had rings around it that you could actually see!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Eric and I drove up to the Jemez again on Sunday. McDonald's used their power of advertising and sucked us in to buying Angus burgers for lunch. Although, the McD's in Bernalillo allows their cashiers to use curse words in spanish to each other when they are collecting your money at the drive up. The burgers were pretty tasty. We took some forest service roads (10) I think and we hiked a little, found some cows. We scared them though. They were right next to the truck but didn't move away until we started taking their picture. I guess they are camera shy. :)

Dinner with Friends

We had dinner with Eric's friends and their significant others on Saturday night. We went to the Elephant bar after dinner for drinks. The girls sat at one table while the boys sat at the other. Here is a pictures of the girls.Our prediction was that they talked about firefighting the whole time. Eric said that is ALL they talked about. While we talked about them, in-laws, kids, work, friends, shopping, Halloween, etc.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gin Blossoms

Recently my favorite band from high school was in town. Luckily, Sabra liked them too so we went to see them for FREE at the NM State Fair. It was a 2 for 1 Tuesday and we got in for $4 each. Its funny but after their first album they really weren't all that great. The guy that wrote all of the songs for the first album killed himself before they made it big. I had seen them once before in AZ. Sabra and I ate delicious, outrageously expensive fair food. Then went to watch them. We got fairly close. We had fun listening to the band and screaming like we were in high school again!

Monday, August 25, 2008


This is at Eric's station.

Zoo Visit

Andy, Jenny, and Christian came to visit this weekend. Christian is lots of fun. The first day they were here we went to the zoo. Mostly just to ride on the trains.
My suggestion is to get the All Park pass and you can ride both trains and go to the Abq Aquarium and Botanical Gardens. See post below for a link to the Zoo and to the Abq Aquarium.